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ALPIN A4 | 185/65/R15 T (92)
ALPIN A4 | 185/65/R15 T (92)



Size: 185/65/R15 T (92)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00024983

(Fully Fitted Price)
A winter tyre for city cars, hatchbacks, MPVs and family saloons, the Michelin Alpin 4 tyre offers grip, longevity and energy efficiency. Safety. The Michelin Alpin 4 enhances the performances of its predecessor: 10% more grip on starting* and braking distances 5% shorter*. These results are due to a larger contact surfaces, the caterpillar effect due to the large number of tread motifs and high-density siping. Effective evacuation of water and slush thanks to the V-shaped tread pattern. Longevity. According to Michelin, allows one extra winter driving**. Low fuel consumption thanks to a unique rubber compound HelioCompound+ based on sunflower oil and silica. Handling. Good stability ensured by Stabiligrip technology, offering stiffer tread blocks. * Compared to its predecessor on average, on snow-covered, icy or wet surfaces. Tests conducted in 2010 by TÜV SÜD Automotive on dimensions 195/65 R15T and 205/55 R16H. ** On average, the Alpin A4 does 35% more mileage than its main rivals."