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PRIMACY ALPIN PA3 | 195/55/R16 H (87)
PRIMACY ALPIN PA3 | 195/55/R16 H (87)



Size: 195/55/R16 H (87)

Run Flat: no

SKU: TF00006389

(Fully Fitted Price)
Designed for top of the range saloons, the Michelin Primacy Alpin PA3 is a winter tyre combining high performance and safety. Traction. The StabiliGrip technology combines two types of sipe: self-locking bidirectional sipes offering better traction on the snow and a variable geometry structure that strengthens resistance at high speeds. Safety. The Helio Compound rubber compound with sunflower oil, enables the new Michelin Primacy Alpin to enhance performances on wet surfaces and snow. This innovation enables better dissipation of the energy in the tread.